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I don't know if this is right for now or in the future as a life… - If you really want to hear about it [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 24th, 2013|10:22 pm]
I don't know if this is right for now or in the future as a life lesson or a way to become attached to bliss
but i feel grateful for mom and dad for shea and naveh for every car commercial life saver and museum
for every emily for every jacky for ever adam, for every brendan, for patrick and for ori, for ynbal and fr Josh.

For every hebrew school for every catskill
for elly, for ben, for hillary for marc, for my family for my grandparents, for jerry luke, sophie and sandra, for devyn and andrew for morgan, for emma, for kimi and hanna and hannah and shane and adam a nahomie and James for sara and karen and kathy, for dan and danny for jorge and sarah for cody and sahar and everyone

for m83 and slavoj zizek
for materials

for waterfalls and log cabins
for bad jokes and feeling uncomfortable int he future
for uncle chris and aunt cindy
mama and dada sammy and scott grandma and grandpa grandpa chiong and all ym uncles and aunts and cousins around the universe.

I love you Delande
I love you Abby!
I love you Addy!
Diego how's Seattle I love you
Sethhhhhhh my man i love you so much

I'm Going to Die when I grow up
I'll turn back into the dust I came from
But so glad I am to be a part of it at all
to walk down the streets in Bushwick and look at all the different types of doors people have
to look at the sky every where and see these points of lights
To know there are galaxies around
everywhere in every unvierse
a universe
in a single atom
and to know
to know to know to know
and to feel too

It is a wave it washes over these sensations
thank you God for every moment for every breath
and allowing me to know You

Amen Hallelujah Thank God

A city called cambridge
a little piece of marsh
look at what you've become

something else