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i don' know what to do [May. 26th, 2013|08:49 pm]
i didn't go to boston calling. all the good bands happened. for me there is not a real concept of shitty, something either works or it doesn't. there isn't shitty vodka, there is vodka that will work in its way to get you drunk, or vodka that won't. there isn't a shitty computer, there is a computer i can use to do something things or there isn't. i feel like for many people there is a matter of taste. i just need a bike that works, i had this ike, a magna excitor, i was so happy when i got it, and i worked well, but it quickly deeriorated and now is almost not usable to anyone in the world, i don't know if ianyone could use it. i just want to ride a bike, i just want to ride it and do well.