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BDS [Nov. 29th, 2012|04:21 pm]
sometimes i think about the politics.

Israel is an apartheid state. It is problematic, the only thing is that as much as I feel solidarity for Palestinians, I really like Israel and stuff. States and statehood is weird, and usually oppressive. Oppressive like dying is oppressive, inevitable? And by apartheid state I mean a word that has the same definition as apartheid but that isn't loaded.

A Jewish State, that sounds good, the only wacky thing it doesn't have to be a state, it can be a land or sum anarchist shit.

Anyway here are some thoughts, China is an apartheid state. It's occupation of Tibet and murder of Tibetans is everything that people say Israel is doing with Gaza only it actually happens due to the fact that China doesn't give a fuck, where Israel has to give a fuck about massacring civilians because open democratic countries can't massacre civilians for long.

And look at it, in both situations China or Israel legitimizes its actions sometimes by saying that it wasn't really a developed area and they were helping out. Now what do you think will happen when the occupation of Tibet and Palestine ends. Well it is pretty likely that it will be a regression into a restrictive theocratic state.

So here is my issue with BDS Israel. It is that it is so heavily focused on one place and not on the whole world. I get that the US is a super big supporter of Israel, but the thing is that Boycotting Israel means giving up what like dead sea cosmetics an soda stream soda. Like i don't even want those things anyway. Boycotting China is important but impossible because china is so big and important to our economy so it will never happen. Also Boycott china because of the environemntal and labor practices.

Ever notice that the Israel Palestinian conflict is tinged with oreintalism and anti semitism. I don't see that when people are afraid of monolithic China. It's more like China is this far away place and people in teh west don't say chink when they talk about this sort of thing. But the I-P conflict has all sorts of caricatures of Jews havin big noses, how weird is that, and Palestinians as all terrorists, I mean gross right?

The whole world is an apartheid state, if you are queer for the most part. I understand homonationalist and pinkwashing crtiiques of Israel, but the turht is that gay people get killed in the rest of the world for being gay, so forgive me if I support a country that in some way protects that a bit. If I'm playing on the level of states being worthwhile, when really the ideal is total liberaton an freedom.