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94 [Apr. 15th, 2012|03:13 am]
[music |velvet underground]

Today is my grandmother's 94th birthday
When I feel like no one is listening to me I think it makes me feel sad.
I think that is why I only can read sad depressing livejournal things. I'm quite certain i'm not sad all the time but I'm really sad about graduation.

I really like Nathan's facebook status. hrooms is great

i like the movie adventureland. i think it will be a good movie because the music is by yo la tengo and i is about a college graduation and friends and love and liking lour reed a lot and being virign and that is my life so there you have it woohoo

should i not be a virgin. i have had relationships, but i don't know hooking up is weird, but drugs were too maybe i just have to do it but i hear that it is relly shitty so i think i'll just try for love.