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tell [Feb. 7th, 2011|06:46 am]
I wanted to tell someone who i was feeling, and hten iw as like that would be uncomfrotbale I think
I should just write in my livejournal
there is a lot of pain
I'm in a lot of pain right now
and I'd prefer if i wasn't
a place for feelings
I'm in pain now, that is why I am writing on livejournal
it hurts and i'm wishing it didn't
intellecutally we know that there are different types of was to feel emotion.
there is pain
and it objecively exists
i guess the thing is that i just feel weird is what ive been saign to peole
but really i feel messed up and dijointe
i feel like i don't want to talk to anyone
i feel introverted and i'd prefe if i idn't
i feel like i can't communicate and i feel sad
i feel like i am weird
in a self cnscious way in a peope are judging me way
but also in a scary way
in a I don't know what i'm feeling way
i justy feel disjointed and also confsed and also grasping and also peturbed and also it is just a mess and i feel lie people are bginning to judge me for it and that sucks