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Dry Your Eyes Mate: the Death of Lala - If you really want to hear about it [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dry Your Eyes Mate: the Death of Lala [Jun. 1st, 2010|03:51 am]
[music |antennas to heaven]

I remember that April 30th. I had just rode my bike from Havard Square to Brandeis and I got lost, and i went to this foam party and it was gnarly and disgusting. Then i went into the radio station and I looked up something on Lala. That is when I read it there on that PC in the back of the station the great music website would cease to live on May 31st, 2010.

These things come and go and it made a lot of sense, i didn't see how something like this website would be profitable. maybe it was being sued i thought

The last songs i heard were these Near to the Heart of god. i was listening to a bunch of hymns when i went into the other room to get a Capri Sun. I thought about how there should be a pop song about how Apple is an evil corporation and how there should be some deal of upheaval and direct action about this. But alas the music industry would never but the hand that feeds it. I returned to the room and the song Near to the Heart of God was done. However it did not play the next song. I was like oh. i clicked on the next song and it did not play and i thought.
There is place a place of full release,
near to the heart of God;
a place where all is joy and peace,
near to the heart of Go
that is where lala was.
fortunately i invested in this moment.
i had five tabs open with songs that i would play once lala went down. I slected the first one and inadvertantly clicked on a link. This brought me to a sad sad page which informed me at 2;08 AM est that Lala was finished. done kaput. over.

fortunately i had a lot of pages still open. One of which was pitchfork;s top songs of 2004. I looked and i saw i as listening to the song dry your eyes mate. i felt that it was fitting that this song was queued up. I listed to it, and reflected on relationships, and also on how Apple systematically bought out lala and shut it down because it was a competion.

That seems like serious malfeasance. Like Microsoft I have always always revered. they had some anti trust stuff that went on that i don't really understand. But this seems unfair. this makes me feel more and more like apple is a malevolent corporation. they are like the catholic church of computers. they certainly are not the biggest, but they make up the largest majority of comptuer companies. then they indoctrinate people into believing them. PC people they get comptuer you know, but apple is a cult that people are into that is real silly. Do the world a favor and never ever buy anything on itunes. Yeah put your podcasts there and stuff, by the this is the end of me buying anythign on itunes, i find it to be a lack of coporate social responisibility. i think that Apple should be destroyed, and i will laugh if it is.

It is 3;50 i tired to clean my room in the intervening time but it did not work. But now, think about this, Harde Faster Strogner played because I was listening to Daft punk, and man lala was so cool, it encapsualted everything i liked about music and all.

So music streams they exist. i look at pitchfork and itsays there is an unknown error that is why lala is down. not true. it is dead and gone.

I remember all the lonely nights workign on forestry papers in the radio station. lala gave me endelss stuff to listen to and now it really is gone. I definietlye oded on the alst day
by bye lala and let's fade ito balck with these two godspeedyou balck emepror songs i ahve loaded up storms and antennas to heaven so that it canfad into the night.

And fuck you apple

The Lala service has been discontinued as of May 31st, 2010.

Lala members, click here for more information on any applicable credits or refunds