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One more time [Jun. 1st, 2010|12:25 am]
Songs for a dying website
One more time
everything i its right place
wish you were here
Antennas to Heaven
The video dept

These are songs i would want to play when i am dying
Lala is going down
it does not need to
Apple bought it just to take it down
I find that to be rather unforgivable
but maybe I am just a poopyhead crankypants who hates corporations and society

Apple is a really horrendously shitty corporation; one of the most malfeasant. they are like that 1984 apple commercial.
they are like the catholic church

PC is where its at in terms of the indie kid comps

I will bite the bullet and get an effin mac though because they make an all right product

but never again a mac ipod

One time i opened for this nice band it was all right
they were like hey we'll put you on the guest lsit of our shows
and i was like
but does this include large festivals in philly?
This is something I think about even now. I mean maybe I am only thinking about it because being in stupiton makes me feel really fucking uncool, and the fact that I am in a cool noise band and hang out with indie rock bands makes me feel like I am not a total loser.

I went to this past weeekend and it was pretty awkward. There were people who were like drink. why don't you drink. and it was fucking awkeward an there were all these jocks there who were older than me. i felt like a freak and an outcast. But you know that is what lj is for. expressing those sentiments. as everyone got drunk, and porceeded to not understand why someone would just not drink, they told me thought this. they said yo your bro showed us so much respect in high school, He was this smart mild mannered good kid, but he would talk to us and was a chill nice guy to us. eeryone else treated us bad cause we weren't smart. then i thought
OH WAIT i thought this was the man. i guess they felt the same way about people who are smartish and whatnot. i am smart in a large way, but not that smart. but then again smart doesn't really mean anything.

anyway now i am listening to music when i should be going to sleep