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Politcal Pop Music [May. 28th, 2010|04:27 pm]
What if the song Heaven the Dj Sammy Cover of Vrya n adams w
what if it were an interpolation about the hell we are in environmentally because of the lack of corporate social responsibility

what if the song Tik Tok was about resisting consumerism and telling it to go fuck itself and not drinking

What if the son when you were young was about fucking heteronormatismvivisnsms and gender

The party don't star because there is a grave dfanger
consumerist attitudes are bringing us down
we're were not gonna join you club of people who don't know how to feel

now i really hate you can't stand you
coming into my heart and hurting my life
making me need you
i don't need you
i need us

what if there were a song about a woman who was like it sounded like she was over a man, but it ws actually about being over religion.